• the great dilemma of the oil people


when i say my heart
is this place,
it is not a metaphor; 

if this place is to be lost
to the blood so ready to pour from
the body of our greed - 
thick and black: 

if this place is to be lost
i am to be lost,
we are all

do you understand the truth of that? 

the way roots grow -
not from feet into soil
but from place into person. 

break these shores and i will know
what it is to be broken - 

it was decided somewhere along the line:
this place is worth risking
to fuel a culture that chooses
comfort, convenience over connection;
a calculated risk crafted with the blind consent
of oil-laden addicts.

and when your roots have been stunted
by the concrete; 
well, you can not feel the loss
like those who depart from the sidewalk.

but trust me
when i say - 
if you go looking to be whole someday
you may find something vital
is missing. 

- april bencze

Poem penned in reaction to the recent near-disaster of the 10,000 ton tanker shipping fossil fuels that very nearly ran aground in a place on the coast that means the most to me. Image made from a conservation mission into the Great Bear Rainforest with Raincoast Conservation Foundation

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