Coast Calendars


2019 marks the fourth year of the Life on the Coast Calendar fundraiser. Each year we select a cause to raise funds for that contributes to direct and impactful protection of the British Columbia coast. Last year, thanks to you, we were able to donate $6000.00 to the Twyla Roscovich Memorial Fund - a local filmmaking scholarship that aims to advance the protection of the environment through film.

This year, all proceeds from this calendar go towards April Bencze and Tavish Campbell’s respective wildlife conservation and environmental justice initiatives on the coast of British Columbia. This year’s focus is on the protection and celebration of salmon, herring, and old-growth forests.

With storytelling and groundtruthing efforts, April and Tavish are working to pass along real stories that inspire care and bring the truth to light through underwater and wildlife photography, filmmaking, writing, and advocacy.

As the seasons act as our guide through this year, may the transitions to spring, summer, fall, and winter inspire growth and action to do everything you can to protect what you love. Thank you for your support.


Coast Calendars are $35.00 each, printed locally on Vancouver Island.

February 04, 2019 Update

We’ve got some calendars left to find homes for the year, and since we’re now a month deep into 2019, we’d like to offer Coast Calendars at a discounted rate of $25.00 each. Thank you!