On this coast, the destructive intersection of human and non-human often remains out of sight and out of mind, whether hidden deep underwater or far within rainforest valleys.

From old growth logging, industrial salmon farming, herring kill fisheries, climate change, marine oil spills, to the trophy hunting of vital carnivores, your purchase of this calendar directly supports Tavish and April’s coastal groundtruthing work and sharing of these frontline stories.

Tavish and April’s commitment to stand up for this coast is deep rooted. It is born from a feeling of responsibility to care for their home, the Pacific Coast; a place full of immeasurable beauty and unimaginable injustice.

Image: Tavish Campbell

Image: Tavish Campbell


2019 FOCUS



Since documenting the 2015 herring fishery controversy on the central coast of BC, we have been advocating for the importance of these vital fish. The fish that breathe life into the Pacific Coast. This herring season, Tavish will be documenting the herring fishery grounds on the south coast, and we will both be filming the natural history of these magnificent fish that feed the coast come spring.


Salmon are at the core of both April and Tavish’s storytelling & conservation work. In 2018, Tavish’s Blood Water investigative filmmaking and April’s filmmaking & organizing of the fish farm occupations helped put salmon in the spotlight. There’s never been a more important time to support and celebrate the lives of Pacific Salmon and their irreplaceable role on the coast and in our lives.


The rate that irreplaceable old-growth forests in BC are being cut down is unimaginable. That is why it’s so important to document this out-of-sight out-of-mind practice of reducing intact and essential rainforest ecosystems to tree farms. Unless you see what is happening, it’s hard to believe, and hard to do anything to alter. Click below to learn about our methods to bring this issue to further light.